You're invited to be exactly who you are.


We are creators, collaborators and social architects. Women supporting women who believe in empowering each other’s passionate ideas and efforts in the modern pursuit of success.

Here, we keep open minds. We seek only to encourage, lift up and collaborate. To create, together. There is no one type of us. There is no one reason. There is no one way.

What we are is a diverse community. What we have is a culture of challenge slayers. What exists is room for everyone who wants to grow: all kinds of women with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to reach them with us.

Be Your Own You.



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Shelly Rangsiyakul

Co-Founder at BYOU and Founder of POPsocial

Shelly is a NY to LA transplant, entrepreneur, creative director, philanthropist and natural-born networker. She loves to strategically connect a broad range of talented friends with growing and established businesses, and relevant brands to their consumers.

Obsessively driven through the love of travel, food, friendship and creativity, Shelly is endlessly inspired and seeks only to inspire others.  

Amanda Marshall

Amanda Henry

Co-Founder at BYOU and Founder of Amanda Marshall Hair

From her hometown of Toronto Canada where her creative career started, Amanda then moved to Europe working as a Fashion Designer and Creative Director in the fashion mecca of Milan, Italy where she lived and worked for over 10 years. That journey then took to her to live and work in place like Bali, Moscow, Japan, Hong Kong and now the city of angels - Los Angeles where she has launched her own beauty brand Amanda Marshall Hair.

One of the things her travels, creative endeavors and love of connecting with people has taught her is that she always loves helping other women and supporting entrepreneurs achieve their goals as well as bring communities together.



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